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My Adventures Continue

My adventures from November 9, 2011 (when I first got my BMW F650GS) to July 16, 2017 (my final days in Europe before moving to Japan) are described on this website ( These dates represent the majority of my world travel and include my motorcycle trip across America & Route 66; riding from San Diego, …

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Dublin, The capital of Ireland Dublin, The capital of Ireland [🇮🇪]I am a little behind my posts… Michael and I visited Ireland 2 weeks ago, for a week.The weather was disappointing (the reason why we were not very keen on sightseeing),😅 we wish we could be here in summertime…😥Anyways, we visited the Guinness storehouse, cathedrals, Trinity College, and pretty …

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Day 69

Day 69: 388.2 mi. = 624.747 km(Carson City NV to Cajon Pass CA)Today was the longest riding day in my life!!! I left Carson City, NV 6 am almost 9 hours riding, just heading back South on Route 66 at Hesperia CA. I had a plan split 2 days between this distance, but my sweet …

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Day 65-68 & The 2012 AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference

Day 65-68: I have had a great great time and opportunity in Carson City NV at the “AMA International Women & Motorcycle Conference”!!! I am glad to join this event!!! Thank you very much for all the AMA staff!!!Can you find me and Michael in this video?!! Good Luck

Day 62-64

Day 62: 250.1 mi. = 402.496 km (Ridgecrest CA to Yosemite NP CA)Day 63: 139.9 mi. = 225.147 km (Yosemite NP)Day 64: 160.3 mi. = 257.977 km (Yosemite NP CA to Carson City NV)Getting off Route 66 again, I went to Yosemite NP!! I would say just “OMG BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!!!!!!!!I camped in the park – the …

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Day 57-61 (Route 66: Day 12-14)

Day 57: 83.3 mi. = 134.058 km (Sedona to Flagstaff AZ)Day 58: R-66/12: 264.2 mi. = 425.188 km (Flagstaff AZ to Kingman AZ thru Las Vegas NV)Day 59: (Off riding: in Las Vegas)Day 60: R-66/13: 170.6 mi. = 274.554 km (Las Vegas to Needle CA)Day 61: R-66/14: 300.2 mi. = 483.125 km (Needle CA to …

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Day 56

Day 56: (Off riding, sightseeing Sedona)photo: THE SEDONA!!! One of top of the Mountain!!!

Day 54 & 55

Day 54: 36.5 mi. = 58.7410 km (very easy riding, sightseeing Flagstaff)Day 55: 97.4 mi. = 156.750 km(Flagstaff AZ to Sedona AZ)Getting off Route 66 for a couple of days, just relaxing and sightseeing in Arizona!I am in Sedona — the most amazing views I have ever seen!!!!!Especially sunset on a “Vortex” (photo) and shiny, …

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