Day 62-64

Day 62: 250.1 mi. = 402.496 km (Ridgecrest CA to Yosemite NP CA)
Day 63: 139.9 mi. = 225.147 km (Yosemite NP)
Day 64: 160.3 mi. = 257.977 km (Yosemite NP CA to Carson City NV)
Getting off Route 66 again, I went to Yosemite NP!! I would say just “OMG BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!!!!!!!!
I camped in the park – the middle of nowhere!! No water and no power at all…It was very calm, smells green, the air is clean, the wind makes a sound in the trees, and stars shine very blight!!! Gorgeous!!! It was a great opportunity, but 2 days no shower…first time for me… Now I ask all adventure female riders, “what is the longest you have gone WITHOUT A SHOWER???”
I finally arrived in Carson City for the “AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference”.
The first thing I did when I got to the hotel was TAKE A SHOWER!!!
“living our dream, living my journey” I will see you at the Conference!!!