Day 57-61 (Route 66: Day 12-14)

Day 57: 83.3 mi. = 134.058 km (Sedona to Flagstaff AZ)
Day 58: R-66/12: 264.2 mi. = 425.188 km (Flagstaff AZ to Kingman AZ thru Las Vegas NV)
Day 59: (Off riding: in Las Vegas)
Day 60: R-66/13: 170.6 mi. = 274.554 km (Las Vegas to Needle CA)
Day 61: R-66/14: 300.2 mi. = 483.125 km (Needle CA to Hesperia CA thru Inyokern CA) :
Wow, I have not written for a while!!!
After Sedona, Michael and I spent a day at a friend’s house and then got back on Route 66. After I went through Kingman, we visited Las Vegas for 2 days. We did not gamble this time… just relax and a visit to my favorite clothes shop — “DESIGUAL” 🙂 🙂
We ate really delicious Sushi!!! (The restaurant name is “Sushi Roku” in “The Forum Shops at CAESAR PALACE”: Honestly, for me, he is the BEST Sushi chief in the U.S.A!!!) Be sure to check it out!!!
Now, we are now going to the “AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference” in Carson City, NV, this Thu to Sun. — just a quick trip off of Route 66! I wanted to through Death Valley National Park after Las Vegas, but super hot there (almost 120 Farenheight = 45 Celsius). I did not think my body will ever get used to high temperatures while I am wearing a riding suit — I do not want to DIE!!! I decide to avoid that area… tomorrow, I might be in Yosemite National Park!!!
Who is going to the “AMA International Women & Motorcycling Conference” ???
Hot female riders, I will see you there!!!!!