Day 70 (Route 66: Day 15) – I Just Finished 2448 Miles On Route 66!!!!!

Day 70: R-66/15: 228.8 mi. = 368.217 km (Cajon Pass CA to Santa Monica and then San Diego CA)
Finally, I got home last night at 8 pm!!! I had a great sleep in my bed!!!!! Wow!!!

70 Days / 22 States / 9,600 Miles (15,449.702 km)

Oh, My Gooooooooodnessssssss!!!!!!!!!! I am surprised!!!
Did I make it?!! YES, I made it!!!!!!!!
This is the longest trip I have ever taken by motorcycle – It was not easy at all. Many times I thought it would be best to “give up”, but I tried to do my best every single day. I never camped before this and it was difficult to ride 6 to 8 hours a day… but now I feel… “I can do it!!!”
I would like to say that I could not have completed this trip without my husband, Michael Cardwell!!!
Every single day and night, any time and for any reason, he helped me, listened to me, and pushed me up!!!
Also, Monika Newbound and Simon Peter Newbound, their words of encouragement helped me mentally every day!!!
When I felt fear I always thought about my family and friends. They were always in my heart and gave me the motivation to finish my goal!!!
Now I would say “Thank you very much for all your help”!!!
Arigatou gozaimashita!!! (Thank you very much in Japanese)
“living our dream, living my journey” I will see you next adventure!!!
PS; Honestly, I do not want to go anywhere for a while ;p