Day 34 & Day 35

Day 34: 304.3 mi. = 489.723 km (Buffalo NY to Toledo OH)
Day 35: 284.3 mi. = 457.536 km (Toledo OH to Chicago IL)
Finally, finally, finally, I am in Chicago, IL which starts ROUTE 66!!!!!!!!!!! (I will be on ROUTE 66 this coming Sat!!!)
Also, I really wanted to visit Chicago for the last 2 years!!!
After I left NY, I road through Pennsylvania-Ohio-Indiana-Michigan to get here!! Michael always chooses back-roads because fewer cars, avoiding traffic and I can see more small local cute towns!
I surprised that so many states have NO HELMET laws!!! Really?! I think everybody should wear a helmet when they are riding a motorcycle, especially on the freeway!!! Ride safe fellow riders!!! “living our dream, living my journey” I will see you on the ROUTE 66!!!!