Day 29-33

Day 29, 30, 31: Off(spent time with my parents in law)
Day 32: 256.1 mi. = 412.152 km
Day 33: Off (Niagara Falls sightseeing :))
I had a great time as always when I am with my parents-in-law! This time, Dad took me fishing at the St. Lawrence River which is one of “The Five Great Lakes” in the North East, “Lake Ontario”. Just relaxing and resting on the boat and a little bit of swimming!!
Today was another great day, sightseeing at Niagara Falls in NY and Canada side! This is my first visit here, nature makes great views!!
I think my body is getting used to camping and riding! I do not feel 100 miles is far anymore!! Heading to Chicago, IL and finally, I will ride on ROUTE 66!!! living my journey!!!!!