Day 17-21 (& The Dragons Tail)

Day17: 202.9 mi. = 326.535 km (Nashville TN to Sweet Water TN)
Day18: 170.2 mi. = 273.910 km (Sweet Water TN to Asheville NC)
Day 19, 20, 21 = OFF in Asheville, NC.
Sunday… Funday!! How are you doing, all my family, friends, and fellow riders?!?!
I am chilling at the local “cute” cafe in Asheville North Carolina. Michael’s Best friend is living here in Asheville, they let us stay at their condo!! I have been relaxing and taking a lot of rest! Tuesday, I bring my GS to the BMW dealer to get an oil change and basic maintenance. After that, I am heading to Virginia on the “Blue Ridge Parkway” all the way up through Maryland.
Photo = A pic I took at “The Dragons Tail” in TN/NC. There are 318 curves in 11 miles… It was fun but completely killed me (I was exhausted)!!!!!!!