Day 11-16

Good morning all my friends, riders, and family!!
Day 11,12: 35.5 mi. = 57.1317 km (Just little ride @ Dallas)
Day 13: 263.5 mi. = 424.062 km (Dallas.TX to Natchitoches.LA)
Day 14: 248.8 mi. = 400.404 km (Natchitoches, LA to Jackson, MS )
Day 15: 185 mi. = 297.728 km (Jakson.MI to Tupelo.MI)
Day 16: 251.2 mi. = 404.267 km (Tupelo, MI to Nashville, TN)
I completed the “Natchez Trace Parkway” through 4 States (LA, MS, AL, and TN). A lot of nature, green, lake, green, green and green!!
Now I am in TN. There is a big Country music festival going on! (I did not know that.) The campsite price increased very much!!! Today is a relaxing day! Let’s go to see Nashville downtown:)
p.s Michael’s front tooth cracked when he ate almond chocolate candy bar in TX…LOL