Day 6, Day 7, & Day 8

Day 6: 124 mi. = 199.558 km
Day 7: 149 mi. = 239.792 km
Day 8: 299.4 mi. = 481.837 km
Good morning everyone from TX!
I like long straight flat roads! It was not windy yesterday in NM (Carlsbad) through TX. I took a good rest and now heading to the big city – Dallas!!! (I love the big city! I love shopping. I am an Adventure Rider but also a normal female! I am not ready to be a real survivor…lol) Last night, a pretty bad thunderstorm hit this area all night long. It was a hard rain, lightning, and thunder. But now, beautiful skies and nice wind!!
Welcome to TEXAS!! Middle of the U.S… isn’t it?!