Day 44-47 (Route 66: Day 6-8)

Day 44: R-66/6: 128.8 mi. = 207.283 km (Tulsa, OK to Oklahoma City, OK)
Day 45: (Off Riding, sightseeing Oklahoma City, OK)
Day 46: R-66/7: 183.6 mi. = 295.475 km (Oklahoma City, OK to Shamrock, TX)
Day 47: R-66/8: 88 mi. = 141.622 km
Thunderstorm coming soon… Lucky Me, I am in the TENT now! Strong wind blowing and the air smells like rain!!! Ohhh~TEXAS!!!
I have been enjoying Route 66 and crossing through the old towns on the old, old road. The MOTHER ROAD is teaching me a lot about American history.
Photo: The World Famous Steakhouse “THE BIG TEXAN” If you eat 72oz of steak in one hour, it’s FREE!! If you can not do it, you have to pay $72… not bad!!!