Day 39-42 (Route 66: Day 1-4)

Day 39: R-66/1 :174.7 mi. = 281.152 km (Chicago IL to Lincolin IL)
Day 40: R-66/2 :154.6 mi. = 248.804 km (Lincoln IL to East St. Louise MO)
Day 41: R-66/3 :112.9 mi. = 181.694 km (East St. Louise MO to West St.Louise MO)
Day 42: R-66/4 :166.9 mi. = 268.599 km (West St.Louise MO to Springfield MO)
I have been enjoying the ride and there are so many things to see on ROUTE 66!!
I already took tons of pictures but I can not figure those out now… I will pick one of my favorites for now!
“living our dream, living my journey” will be to be continued…