Still Living My Reality

My journey continues… Still living my reality.

October 11th was the 2 month anniversary of my motorcycle accident in Alaska.

My left shoulder (4 breaks, 3 cracks) is beginning to heal and feels much better. I am in much less pain! I spent the first month and a half at my parent-in-law home at PA.

Several days ago, Michael and I rented a UHAUL truck, put our motorbikes and gear inside and moved to Asheville, NC, where I have started my physical therapy.

We are staying with close friends and we very much appreciate their hospitality. We will be here for a few months fixing my arm and my bike then I hope to get back on the road (hopefully sometime next spring).

A few days ago, I was riding on Michael’s motorbike as a passenger on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a couple hours. That was the first ride after my accident.

First couple miles, I was very nervous and scared – even as a passenger… but after a while I started to enjoy the beautiful autumn day. The leaves color has been changing and riding on the mountain roads reminded my body how if feels to balance on a motorcycle – the temperature was comfortable and I was so happy I had a big smile on my face and some tears in my eyes!!!

Now I would say that I am “mentally” ready to get back into riding!!

I will put much effort into my physical therapy and recover as fast as possible!!

I am still an “ADV rider :)” and I will never lose my desire for new challenges!!

Thank you very much for all your help, hospitality and messages of support!

I will never forget this experience, but once is enough!!!

Ride safe as always!!!