5. January, Sintra, Portugal — Another amazing UNESCO World Heritage town.


I did not know much about this town before our visit but luckily Michael and I met a very nice and knowledgeable guide — Jorge, he is a “Tuk Tuk” tour guide 😉 We took a 2-hour tour with him and learned about Sintra and its history. Originally, this town did not have any trees but people started to bring plants here from all over the world, especially Sequoia trees about 200 years ago😮 The weather in Sintra is very much like San Francisco. Wet, foggy, cool, and watery. Good Sequoia tree growing weather😃 It was the most interesting story that we heard.

The main sightseeing spot is “The Palace of Pena”. Very colorful tile work and amazing Arabic architecture. We only spent a short time in Pena but if you visit all the palaces, you need to be there at least 2 to 3 full days.

And do not forget to eat the signature food… “Travesseiro” and “Queijada”. Those are sweets but not too sweet. Very yummy 😍 (pic below)