May 29, 2012 Jasmine

Day6:124 mi. = 199.558 km Day7:149 mi. = 239.792 km Day8:299.4 mi. = 481.837 km Good morning everyone from TX!  I like long straight flat roads! It was not windy yesterday in NM (Carlsbad) through TX. I took a good rest and now heading to the big city – Dallas!!! (I love the big city!…

May 27, 2012 Jasmine

Day4:140.5mi=226.112km Day5:89.5mi=144.036km Day3 was pretty tough, I think that’s why my husband and riding buddy, Steve had a light plan last couple days for me. I had a good rest and slowly used to my body on the camping. Anyway, my motorcycle has been a problem …Water pump does not work…  So, we had a…

May 24, 2012 Jasmine

Day 3: 243.8 mi. = 392.358 km Today was pretty tough riding for me. It was very windy and beautiful but a little hard mountain road a lot. Those reasons me physically tired and mentally exhausted…  Anyways, I made it!! Photos = We saw the wildfire in New Mexico!!

May 23, 2012 Jasmine

Day 2: 223.9 mi. = 360.332 km Slow start, but it is enough for me :p First day in the camp!! I can see beautiful stars now!!! It was 109 degrees(43 Celsius) in Yuma through Phoenix AZ… Boiling!!!

May 20, 2012 Jasmine

Michael & jasmine.T; CROSS COUNTRY and RTW TOUR 2012-2015, Pre-“living our dream” Tour~ May-Jun~   West to East and Route66 = 7,500miles This is my first long, long riding in my life!! It’s a big challenge for me! I can do it!!! I want to do it!!! I believe in myself and believe my husband…