Scotch Whiskey Distillery tour in BALVENIE and GLENFIDDICH in Speyside. There are so many Distilleries in Northern Scotland. BALVENIE had an amazing 3 hours tour, including 6 kinds of whiskey tasting. A very detailed tour and a guide who was extremely knowledgeable, David!! This was the most interesting time so far in the United Kingdom.

At the end of the tour it was tasting time! I do not drink so Michael got double tastings!!! Oh boy… Well, even though I don’t drink the tour was very interesting and there was a lot to learn!!!

Our second tour — in the afternoon of the same day –was at GLENFIDDICH. It was a casual tour. Of course, tasting was included. Michael had a big smile on his face by the end of all the tours!!! (6×2 and 4×2 — double the tasting…)

That night my husband snored louder than ever before…lol