Day 54-55 — Pre-“Living Our Dream” Tour

July 17, 2012 Jasmine

Day 54: 36.5 mi. = 58.7410 km (very easy riding, sightseeing Flagstaff)
Day 55: 97.4 mi. = 156.750 km(Flagstaff AZ to Sedona AZ)
Getting off of Route 66 for a couple days, just relaxing and sightseeing in Arizona!
I am in Sedona — the most amazing views I have ever seen!!!!!
Especially sunset on a “Vortex” (photo) and shiny, shiny stars make me feel very calm and relaxed…
Thank you Mother Earth, thank you Mother Road… I will be back on Route 66 on this Thursday!
“living our dream, living my journey”
You guys have a great night:)