Day 51-53 — Pre-“Living Our Dream” Tour

July 15, 2012 Jasmine

Day 51: R-66/10: 259.1 mi. = 416.981 km Albuquerque NM to Holbrook, NM)
Day 52: R-66/11: 211.4 mi. = 340.215 km (Holbrook, NM to Flagstaff, AZ thru the Grand Canyon)
Day 53: 128.1 mi. = 206.156 km (rand Canyon to Flagstaff AZ)
I am in Flagstaff AZ now, it has been raining like cats and dogs!!! Arizona, Rain?!!! Suprised!!! Last time I wrote “SUNNY Cardwell”… but not anymore 🙁 Finally, I got WET all day long when I was riding… pretty hard rain, it was fun but I am not used to it, it was a scary ride.
After Albuquerque, I went to several National Parks — “Petrified Forest National Park”, “Meteor Crater”(This is not a National Park but very interesting!), “Grand Cayon National Park”, “Sunset Crater National Monument” and “Wupatki National Monument”. There are a lot of National Parks in AZ!! A natural paradise!!!
Photos: Grand Canyon South Rim… once again, nature makes the most amazing views!!!