Day 48-50 — Pre-“Living Our Dream” Tour

July 11, 2012 Jasmine

Day 48 R-669 296.2 mi. = 476.687 km
Day 49,50 (Off riding; Maintenance on both motorcycles at Sandia BMW)
We have been riding cross country for 50 days, tell you what, we are VERY LUCKY because we only got rain (not hard just a sprinkle) for LESS THAN 1 HOUR – we did not even need our rain gear!!!!!
I call us team SUNNY Cardwell lol
Well, I have to learn how to ride when it rains really hard sometime soon, but I hope I will not get any rain on this trip…fingers crossed!
There is not much see on Route 66 between Amarillo, TX, and Albuquerque, NM – It was an easy riding day 296.2 mi = long straight road… I love it)
Photo At the middle point of Route 66!!! Less than 1139mi to go!!!