Day 6, 7, & 8 — Pre-“Living Our Dream” Tour

May 29, 2012 Jasmine

Day6:124 mi. = 199.558 km
Day7:149 mi. = 239.792 km
Day8:299.4 mi. = 481.837 km
Good morning everyone from TX!  I like long straight flat roads! It was not windy yesterday in NM (Carlsbad) through TX. I took a good rest and now heading to the big city – Dallas!!! (I love the big city! I love shopping. I am Adventure rider but also normal female! I am not ready to be a real survivor…lol) Last night, a pretty bad thunderstorm hit this area all night long. It was hard rain, lightning, and thunder. But now, beautiful skies and nice wind!!
Welcome to TEXAS!! Middle of the U.S… isn’t it?!