My new article will be published in “Girls Biker”, September 1st, 2016 (Only in Japan)

September 3, 2016 Jasmine

My fellow riders – My new article will be published in the Japanese female rider’s magazine, “Girls Biker”, September.1st, 2016 (Only in Japan). This article covers my reported of the 2016 ”BMW Motorrad Days” in, Germany (July. 1-3) 🌏

You can see my 2013-2015 articles on my website; and, the translations for my new articles will be coming soon! I hope you enjoy😉👍

今回はRTWツアーだからこそ参加できた、Beemerの本拠地にしてBeemerの祭典”BMW Motorrad Days 2016”、ドイツからのリポートです。女性ライダーに焦点を当て会場をうろちょろと取材してきました😁