“Ukiten” is a very delicious “Tempura”

February 2, 2016 Jasmine

“Ukiten” is a very delicious “Tempura” restaurant in my hometown, Toyohashi-city, Aichi Prefecture. My sister mention, she wanted to go there!
I highly recommend visiting that restaurant!!! Owner Mr. Ukigai and his GF was really generous service and the food was outstanding!!! Damn, I would love to visit again before I will go back to the USA, also I definitely take my husband Michael Cardwell next time we both come to visit in Japan!!!

豊橋で絶品の天麩羅屋さんに出会った~!妹の休みに合わせ、彼女が以前から行きたかったという “うきてん” にランチへ!
アメリカに帰る前に是非もう一度行きたい!次回帰国したら、是非マイケルと一緒に行きたい!豊橋にまた一つ、must to goのお気に入りレストランができました!!!

It was a happy moment with my lovely sister!!!