Re-Starting Our Journey…

October 10, 2015 Jasmine

Fellow riders: After my motorcycle accident in Alaska (August 11, 2013) and a second motorcycle accident in Mississippi (April 6, 2014), our trip Across North America and RTW “living our dream” Tour has been on hold.

Yesterday, Michael and I left San Diego, CA, and re-started our journey, but I have lost my passion for two wheels – so after a long talk, we decided to continue in a vehicle with 4 wheels.
If you wish to follow our journey select the “SPOT Tracking” link on the main page of my website (

We are heading to Utah tomorrow:)
My website name has NOT changed, but I would say I am now more of an Adventure D’Rider = Driver + Rider :p
First stop… Las Vegas! Just chilling out and meeting one of Michael’s high-school friends!

{Anyways… my favorite clothes shop, “DESIGUAL” in Vegas is GONE!!! WT*!!!!!!!!!!!! :(}

“living our dream, living our journey…” We will see you on the road!!!