WTF Situations…

April 15, 2014 Jasmine

WTF situations…

April 4th… after riding for only 5 days I got in a motorcycle accident again – in Mississippi.

Unbelievable, disappointing, ridiculous…
It was a hard rainy day… and idiot pulls out right in front of us and makes a mess of our journey. I was riding behind Michael, he had to break hard – and I did too – but I hit the back of Michael’s motorcycle and I slip and fall off the bike.

Physically I was fine this time (only some bruises on my right arm) but mentally I have shut down!! I am very shocked, sad, and mortified. I got in two fucking accidents in less than 9 months!!

(First accident in Alaska — Blog

I can not believe this-this is the worst situation!!! How can I keep motivated for ADV motorcycle riding after this has happened? I don’t think it is for me!!

I am completely scared to ride a motorcycle anymore. I need a long break and just keep away from two wheels for a while.

Michael and I have decided to back to San Diego. We put everything in a U-HAUL and drive from Mississippi to San Diego in 4 days. We arrived in San Diego last Thursday. As soon as I arrive in San Diego County the ‘happy tears’ begin. I met my ex-roommates (my San Diego family) and as we exchange hugs and kisses I could not stop crying. I missed San Diego life very, very much. Now I know, a calm and quiet life is what I need now.
Well, unfortunately, my journey is ‘on-hold’ again. I am not even sure if I want to continue or not.

Anyways, I need a break!!! Michael and I are going back to my home country – Japan – for 2 months. I need to clear my mind, see my family, friends and enjoy my country for a time!

I will keep updating my Facebook but no more motorcycle stuff anymore. If you’re a rider and you don’t wish to keep me as your friend, I completely understand; and, I wish you the best in your travels – please ride safely as always! (I will still write about my Adventure in the Japanese motorcycle magazine.)

This is the way it is… it is a bitter end, but I need to live my life with my lovely husband safely! No more ‘risky’ lifestyle. Because I still can live our dream… I will see you on the road someday, somehow!