Breaking News…!! (+Ameblo Update)

August 23, 2013 Jasmine

Fellow my riders: Breaking news: “living our dream” vs “living my reality”…(日本語訳はアメブロをご覧ください。)

On August, 11th, between Chicken & Tok Alaska, I was in a motorcycle accident!

I made it all the way through the “Top of the World Highway”. After I passed the small town of Chicken, AK, the road was paved but some construction sections had deep gravel. In one of these deep gravel sections, I began to fish-tail and lost control of my front tire. Unfortunately, the motorbike went down and I broke my shoulder (4 bones broke & 3 cracked). I was very fortunate to be wearing the proper riding gear. It protected my body and face and without it, I would have been seriously injured or even killed. Sadly, I can not ride for at least the next 3 months. I need my shoulder to heal and some rest mentally…
Oh well, this is part of ADV riding, isn’t it ?!
My “living our dream” Tour is “on-hold” for while but I will come back to ADV riding soon!!!
You guys ride SAFE as always!!
(PS. I shave my head!!! Easy to take a shower and easy to take care of myself… lol)
love from Fairbanks AK. ADV Rider jasmine T Cardwell