Altamira Caves, Spain – A FAKE UNESCO World Heritage Site!!

Dec. 30 — Altamira Caves, Spain

Well, I have to tell you, DO NOT GO THERE!!! Why??? Let me explain😖

It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and as you walk through the cave you are amazed by the paintings on the ceiling dated between 18,000 to 10,000 years old. Michael asked a few questions only to find out they are all FAKE!! Replicas!! We were told the real cave is further in the park and every Friday (only Friday) a lottery takes place and only a small group of people are selected to see the REAL cave paintings.

😤 We totally disappointed… As far as we can tell (and we did not understand the Spanish) they do not explain to the visitors that what they are seeing is fake. They may have explained this, but if they did, we missed it.

Skip this one unless you have the time to wait for the lottery. Probably better information on the internet. Oh well, all part of our Adventure… but Sad…😧