A Big Day! Riding Again…


Yesterday was a big day! It was my first day riding my BMW F650GS after I got in an accident last August (8/11/2013) in Alaska.

I was very nervous but once I started to ride I could feel the breeze, smell the trees, and hear the nice sound of the muffler as I change gears and add more throttle! (Only one small difference – no more hair in the wind… I cut it all off!)

I am very happy because my body remembers how to ride a motorcycle (total miles riding since 2011 – 20,000). I now feel confident saying “I am mentally and physically ready to get back into ADV riding!”

I am very thankful to everyone who sent me recovery wishes (4 breaks and 3 cracks in my left shoulder)!

I would like to give a ‘special thank you’ to San Diego BMW Motorcycles (Gary and Antoinette; https://www.facebook.com/bmwofsd), Touratech-USA (Kimmo; https://www.facebook.com/TouratechUSA), the entire crew at Eurosport Asheville (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eurosport-Asheville/193810190634150), and one of my best friends and ace mechanic (even though I can only understand about 60% of his Australian accent – “That’s what I said”) Robert Colasacco!!

I would also like to say how much I appreciate all my friends in San Diego and Japan and my lovely family!!!

I decided to keep riding because I am“living our dream, living my journey…” with the most important and special person in my life, my husband, Michael Cardwell.

Big love {XOXO} from Asheville, NC.